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Henry Lien, Founder

Henry Lien is a junior at Branson and the Founder and Executive Director of ChessPals. Henry developed the ChessPals curriculum, conducts outreach to schools and camps, recruits and trains tutors, and fundraises.

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Cesar Morales
Marin Academy 2023

My passion for chess began through my elementary school club; at first, I imagined the intricately carved wooden pieces to be airplanes soaring through the air or rocketships ready for takeoff into the stratosphere. Gradually, I began to understand piece movement and the strategies behind the game. Additionally, the strategic thinking behind chess allowed me to better myself in the classroom by developing my time management and ability to adapt to tricky situations. Through teaching, I want to instill what chess has taught me in my students and ensure they have fun learning the beautiful game. 


Tor Svendsen
Marin Academy 2023

I like teaching chess because I love the feeling of seeing my students find joy in learning. I have been a lifelong lover of chess and I want to spread that passion to others.


Ryan Wolk 
University HS 2025

 I love all of the intricacies of chess and how there is always something that can be done to improve my play. I believe that there is no perfect chess, only better chess, and I love sharing my quest to be better each time with kids who would not have gotten a chance to explore this game

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Wilson Wendt
Branson 2024

I teach chess as a way to give back to the game. Chess has changed my life, and inspired me to be a learner and a doer, and I want to inspire other people in this way through the great game of chess.


William Mueth 
Branson 2024

My first encounter with chess was as a first grader in a program that my school offered. Here was where I first learned about the basics of chess, and I had such a great experience and have so many fond memories from that introductory program. It opened the door for me into the world of chess, and I hope to do the same for others.


Aria Saluja
Branson 2024


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Major-Wei Starr 
Middle Schooler

Growing up, I always enjoyed playing chess, so it has been a very fulfilling experience passing on the joy of the activity to other kids. In addition, it has also allowed me to improve my communication and leadership skills.

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Tenzing Lasker
Middle Schooler

As I've become more advanced in chess, I've come to love it even more. I can now appreciate its complexity and I know there is always more to learn. I teach because it gives me the opportunity to pass on my knowledge to others. I hope to foster a love of chess in my students.


Stanley Wong
Branson 2023



Lior Weber
Atlanta, Georgia

Henry Marsom 
Davis, California

Rainer Malhotra
Philly, Pennsylvania


Kian Jamali 
East Bay Area

Vedant Sangani
Austin, Texas


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Stanley Wong is a senior at Branson and the head of marketing at ChessPals. He manages the instagram feed for ChessPals.

Kasra Panahi is a junior at Branson and the director of technologies at ChessPals. He built the website for ChessPals.

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