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Our Work

ChessPals has many different types of programs all meant to educate and encourage people to learn chess.



After School Programs 

We partner with schools who lack the necessary resources to fund their own chess programs and provide them with fun, engaging, and inclusive programming for their students of all ages. Using our curriculum we hope to foster an environment with interactive education and play in all of our classes.


Summer Camps

We partner with schools to provide summer camps for their students. We have current and previous partnerships for camps in San Rafael and Marin City and hope to expand to other districts soon.



Branches nationwide

Want to bring ChessPals to your community? ChessPals is currently developing branches in multiple regions in California as well as other parts of the United States. We are actively looking for high school leaders who want to expand Chesspals to their community. 


Senior Centers 

ChessPals has expanded to teach at senior centers such as Vivalon after being contacted to provide intergenerational programming such as onsite chess lessons to seniors or connecting seniors with elementary schools for chess games at recess. 

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