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Welcome to ChessPals

Welcome to ChessPals


To mentor low income elementary school students through teaching them the FUN game of chess that supports increased academic performance and develops lifelong skills, such as goals setting, consistent practice, good sportsmanship and a growth mindset. 


To develop high school chess players as teachers and leaders as they train the next generation and create community in their classroom. 



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ChessPals envisions a world where all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background can have access to chess and use the game to help realize their full potential.

ChessPals currently has multiple branches throughout California and in other parts of the country. ChessPals is actively looking to expand.

The Program

The program uses a customized curriculum built off of’s comprehensive framework. Each student also receives a account with which they can practice the game and connect with fellow players. Our classes can be taught online with Zoom or in-person on school grounds. If in-person, we provide high grade chess sets and facilitate a safe learning environment for all who are interested. We have no age restrictions on our programs, but we do separate by grade level if there is enough interest to do so. Our average optimal class size is 6-10, but we can handle up to 16 kids if there is a need. We offer the opportunity to participate in local chess competitions and pursue their chess interest as far as it can take them.

Children served

Over 500 children taught in our 5 year history


Five 1-hour classes taught every week


5 Bay Areas Schools 

served with chapters starting across the nation


5 chapters nationwide

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